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Magus is available:
OptiGen DNA Tested CEA Normal/Clear Non-Carrier
OptiGen DNA Tested PRA Normal/Clear Non-Carrier
Normal/Normal MDR-1 per parents DNA test results
VetGen DNA tested Cyclic Neutropenia Clear
Dermatomyositis Risk Assessment Aabb Low (4%)

I absolutely love this dogs looks and he is 
an extremely sweet boy.

He is proven, but hasn't produced any 
pups since he was 10 months old.

This is the only reason he is available.

He will make a fantastic pet for a family.

If interested in any of the above dogs, or wish to learn more about them,
please complete the questionnaire by clicking the button below.

I  no longer keep a waiting list.  
This page is frequently updated, be sure to check it often.

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This page was last updated: August 9, 2018