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In 1982 I just happened into collies.  I had no intention of ever owning a collie, but upon owning my first, I fell in love.

They impressed me, and continue to impress me with their unconditional love, loyalty, and devotion to their owner.  I cannot imagine life without a collie.  They have a soul unlike any other breed.  And I believe that they can actually read your mind!

Because of this, and my wish to share my experiences with others.  I have strived over the years to produce the true collie spirit in each of my dogs.  That inner beauty that I cherish and wish to preserve in this breed.

I'm a lover of both rough (long coated) and smooth (short coated) varieties, and of all the delightful variety of colors including the whites.

With pride I can say that ALL my dogs are 
Clear of PRA and Clear of Cyclic Neutropenia (grey collie syndrome).

I have returned back to the show ring after a long sabbatical
while raising my youngest daughter.

I've been a Collie Club of America Member since 1984

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