Bonayr's Razzle Dazzle CGC HIC
(co-owned with my daughter Courtney)

Smooth Blue Merle Female
Normal Eyed
CERF #CO1657 
(checked at 5wks of age)
100% Clear of the MDR-1 Mutant Gene!
April 9, 2003 - May 23, 2017
We will miss you.


This little girl has a fantastic outgoing personality.  
Absolutely loves life

She has a wonderful profile with straight parallel lines of the muzzle, backskull, lip line, and underjaw.  No depth as expected.  She is slightly full in stop, and a little throaty, and I'd like to see a smoother rounder muzzle, but I'm willing to give a little on this for a female.  She's very Storm in looks.  She has a superb body and length of neck  

Her ears have not turned out as hoped so she will never see the inside of a show ring again, however, my daughter had a wonderful time taking her to be tested for her herding instinct of which she passed beautifully!  Congratulations Courtney and Dazzle!

             Pictured here at 6 months old with my daughter who was 8 years old   
both showing in confirmation for the first time   

    Then pictured 11 years later at PetsMart 
    where she obtained her CGC title.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Lopez